Module 1 - Digital Marketing Overview

  • What Digital Marketing Exactly Is?
  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • What is SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)?
  • What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?
  • What is SMO (Social Media Optimization)?
  • What is SMM (Social Media Marketing)?
  • What is Blogging & Purpose of Blogging?
  • What is Adsense & Affiliates?
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • What is Mobile Marketing?
  • What is Online Reputation Management?

Module 2 – Domain Registration Web Designing & Hosting

  • Website Designing & Hosting
  • What is HTML, PHP, CSS & Java Script
  • Different Qualities of Websites
  • Static & Dynamic Websites
  • Start Designing Websites
  • Purchasing Domain Names
  • Purchasing Web Hosting
  • Connecting Domain & Hosting
  • FTP Users & Using File Zila.
  • Domain Control Panels
  • Web Hosting Control Panels

Module 3 – Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

  • What are Keywords and Key phrases
  • Why Keywords are Important in SEO
  • What is Keywords Research
  • Why Keyword Research in Important in SEO
  • What is Google Keyword Planner
  • How to Use Google Keyword Planner
  • Analyzing Keyword Competition
  • Exact, Phrase and Broad Match in Keywords Research
  • Finding Best Keywords for Our Website.

Module 4 - On Page Optimization - SEO

  • Getting Started with Head Section
  • Understanding On Page SEO?
  • Domain Name Selection & URL Structuring
  • Head Section Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Optimizing Title Tags, Description Tags, Keywords Tags, Robots Tags
  • Optimizing Open Graph Tags
  • Redirection Tags
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing
  • Heading Optimization
  • Keyword Density, Keyword Spamming and Keyword Stuffing
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Technique
  • Image Optimization Strategies
  • Link Optimization Strategies
  • Robots File Creation
  • XML Sitemap Creation
  • Sitemap Submissions
  • Alexa Integration

Module 5 - Off Page Optimization – SEO

  • What is Off Page SEO?
  • Why Off Page is Important?
  • What Are Backlinks?
  • Backlinks Creation Methods
  • Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks
  • What is Google Page Rank
  • How To Increase Google Page Rank
  • Web Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Writing & Submission
  • Press Release Writing & Submissions
  • Comment Writing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Classifieds posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Link Exchange (one way, two way and three way)
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • RSS Feeds

Module 6 - Search Engine Algorithms

  • What Are Search Engine Algorithms
  • Why Search Engine Create Algorithms
  • Google Panda Algorithm
  • Google Penguin Algorithm
  • Google Hummingbird
  • Google Mobile
  • Google RankBrain
  • Google Medic
  • Google Bert
  • Google Core Updates

Module 7 - Content Marketing

  • Understanding Content Marketing
  • Importance of content in Digital Marketing
  • Creating Fresh and Unique Content
  • Tutorials and Event Based Content Marketing
  • Content Spinning
  • Grammar Checker Tools
  • Duplicate Content Checker Tools
  • Images in Content
  • SEO friendly Content Writing

Module 8 - SEO Tools

  • AHREFS – Website Analysis Tools
  • Backlinks Checker Tools
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Moz Page Authority
  • Plagiarism Checker Tools
  • Automatic Sitemap Generator
  • SEO Toolbars
  • Google URL Submitter
  • Google Site command
  • Google Cache command
  • Google Link command

Module 9 - Google Webmaster Tools

  • Understanding Google Webmaster Tools
  • Importance of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools Account
  • Adding Websites to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Tracking the performance of website in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Tracking clicks, Impressions, site Position and CTR’s
  • Google Manual Penalties
  • Google Automatic Penalties
  • Using Google Link Disavow Tool
  • www and Non www website versions
  • GEO Targeting through GWT
  • Link Analysis through GWT
  • Internal Link Analysis through GWT

Module 10 - Google Analytics Tool

  • Understanding Google Analytics Tool
  • Why Google Analytics Tool is Important
  • Starting with Google Analytics Tool
  • Setup an account with Google Analytics Tool
  • Adding site to GAT
  • Tracking visitors through GAT
  • Location, Browser, OS and Device tracking through
  • GAT Real time and offline tracking through GAT
  • USE behavior tracking through GAT

Module 11 - PBN Private Blogs Network

  • Understanding the concepts of PBN
  • Why and Why not to create a PBN
  • How to create a Private Blog Network
  • How to find Domains for a PBN
  • How to find hosting for a PBN
  • How to start building links with PBN

Module 12 - Google Business /Places Listing

  • Understanding the concepts of PBN
  • What is Google Business?
  • How to get listed at Google Business Center?
  • Google Business Verifications
  • Setting Up your Business Profile in Google Places.
  • Setting Up Profile Pictures and Cover Photos in Google Business.
  • Creating Reviews in Google Places
  • Google Business Listing Optimization

Module 13 - Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)

  • SEM Introduction
  • Understanding Google Adwords
  • Account Creation and Setup in Google Adwords
  • Campaign Management
  • Understanding Text, Display and Video Based Ads.
  • Sign-Up With Google Adwords
  • How to create PPC campaign
  • How to select Keywords for PPC Campaign
  • Creating ADs for your PPC Campaign
  • How to Manage bids in PPC Campaign
  • Creating Display Ads
  • Creating Text Ads
  • Creating Video Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Monitoring Clicks, Impressions and CTR’s in Adwords
  • Making Payments in Google Adwords

Module 14 - Google Adwords Certifications

  • Google Adwords Exams Theoretical Preparation
  • Sign Up for Google Adwords Certifications

Module 15 - Email Marketing

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How to Create HTML Looking Emails?
  • How to Send Thousands of Emails Instantly.
  • How to get Email List?
  • How to Save Your ID from Black Listing?

Module 16 - ORM - Online Reputation Management

  • What is ORM?
  • How to Manage ORM?
  • Creating Positive Reviews.
  • Optimizing Review Pages.

Module 17 - Mobile Marketing

  • What is Mobile Marketing?
  • Sign-Ups With Mobile Marketing Sites?
  • Creating Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Collecting Database
  • Sending Bulk Messages

Module 18 - Social Media Optimization

  • What is Social Media (Basics)?
  • Why Social Media is Important for Online Promotion?
  • Different kind of Social Media and Networking Sites.

Module 19 - Facebook

  • How to create a page on Facebook?
  • How to Promote your business on Facebook?
  • How to Increase likes for your Facebook page?
  • How to Add Facebook Fan Page On Your Website?
  • Difference in Facebook profile, page and groups.
  • How to Join Groups and Promote your business.

Module 20 - Twitter

  • What is Twitter
  • Why Twitter is Important
  • How to Create a Twitter Business Page
  • How Tweet Like Professionals
  • How to Increase Twitter Followers
  • How to Twitter Page for Organic Search

Module 21 - You Tube

  • Why You Tube
  • How to Create Videos
  • Understanding Video Marketing
  • Link Building With You Tube

Module 22 - Blogging/ WordPress

  • What is Blogging
  • Purpose of Blogging
  • How to Blog
  • What is WordPress
  • &
  • How to Setup a Blog on WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Setting Up Navigations and Menus
  • WordPress Widgets
  • How to SEO of a WordPress Blog/ Website
  • Internal Linking in WordPress

Module 23 - Blog Monetization

  • What is Blog Monetization
  • Why to Monetize a Blog
  • Blog Monetization with Google Adsense
  • Blog Monetization with Affiliates

Module 24 - Google Adsense

  • Understanding Google Adsense
  • How to apply for Google Adsense
  • How to easily get Approved with Adsense
  • Difference between Text and Display Ads
  • Placing Advertisements on you Blog or Website
  • Custom and URL channels
  • Optimizing Google Adsense Ads for best performance
  • Allow and Add categories
  • Performance Reports
  • How to earn money with Google Adsense
  • Getting Cheques from Google Adsense

Module 25 - Affiliates Marketing

  • Understanding Affiliates Marketing
  • Difference between Adsense and Affiliates
  • How Affiliates Marketing works
  • How to apply for Affiliates
  • Direct and In-Direct Affiliates Marketers
  • How to create coupons in Affiliates Marketing
  • How to Earn money with Affiliates Marketing
  • Applying as an affiliate at Amazon, Flipkart and other major Ecommerce websites
  • Optimizing Affiliates for best performance

Module 26 - Lead Generation

  • What is lead generation
  • Lead generation with SEO
  • Lead generation with Adwords
  • Lead generation with B2b and B2C
  • Lead generation with SMS Marketing
  • Lead generation with Email Marketing

Module 27 - Landing Pages

  • Understanding Landing Pages
  • Why Landing Pages are important
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Landing Page Analysis

Module 28 - Revision

  • Relax & Revise what you have learned at Inspire
  • Solve Queries you have
  • Create Strategies for Your Future


If you feel like online marketing, if you want to start your own online business, Are you already active in marketing and do you notice that your knowledge - especially in the field of boarding marketing - is inadequate? Are you looking for a job in a Digital marketing department and would you like to deepen and expand your skills beforehand? the digital marketing course, is the right place for you.So, what are you waiting for? Start your own online business, realize your ideas and take the first step for more freedom in life.Our lives are already unmistakably digital, both professionally and professionally. Every day, more than a billion people Use Facebook - including more than a third of all indians. But social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest also score with lively story telling. Customers and consumers want to participate in the lives of others and are ready to network and also disclose information themselves.There is no more successful marketing without digital marketing! Digital media - internet and apps - are part of our lives today. Instead of reading instructions for use, YouTube videos are watched. On the go, apps help with shopping and orientation. Before you buy things, you do research online or you buy in the online shop. More and more business models only rely on web solutions.Without being represented in digital media and also being found there by consumers, there will be no marketing success in the future. This is why marketers are faced with the challenge of acquiring digital marketing skills.The dynamics of the Internet and the variety of its applications and platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube ...) require that online marketing managers work constantly on the "pulse of the times".Experts are needed who not only know the various possibilities of digital marketing, but also know how to use them effectively.


Digital Marketing and Leadership Program that was launched by Inspire Digital Marketing Training In Surat. An Digital Marketing course in Surat for ambitious marketing managers and specialists who want to expand their digital marketing knowledge and want to obtain a holistic, strategically comprehensive basic understanding for successful action in a disruptive world. Thanks to its extensive leadership component, Inspire Digital Marketing Course In Surat further education offering also trains the skills that future digital executives can expect in an increasingly digital world. Inspire Digital Marketing Institute In Surat has been successful in the surat for 7 years. The virtual campus gives you access to a broad mix of individual tasks, virtual teamwork, discussions, interactive live lessons and streamed content. In the daily Live Class, industry experts will explain the modules to you using specific practical examples that you can work on or deepen independently or as part of group projects. The interactive learning experience is rounded off by the support team, which guides you through each module and provides you with all the information you need about the Digital Marketing Course In Surat. After learning over 3 months, complete the Digital Marketing training with the Government Certificate.At inspire Digital Marketing Class In Surat you also have the opportunity to be trained as a social media manager, online shop manager, search engine manager, project manager and content marketing manager.A inspire Digital Marketing Training In Surat lasts about 3 months, in which experts explain the topics of usability, analytics, SEO, AdWords, email marketing and much more. You also get access to the inspire Digital Marketing lab.


The Internet is a huge global marketplace where companies present their products and services. The basis of any digital marketing is therefore a separate company website or online shop. There, potential customers can find out about products and services and, if they are interested, contact the provider directly. But for this to happen, you have to be found first: Currently, almost 1,000,000,000 websites are vying for the favor of users!The Inspire Digital Marketing Course In Surat is aimed at those responsible for marketing, employees in the field of marketing, IT staff, career changers and young professionals. You do not need any previous knowledge for the Digital Marketing Training On Surat. you will get to know the opportunities and risks of digitization in 3 Months and develop an understanding of the new requirements. Video contributions, examples, exercises and checklists help you to understand customers better, to develop digital communication strategies and to market products via digital sales channels. the participants learn how to advertise confidently on the Internet, how to retain and win customers via newsletters. Employees, self-employed, specialists and executives who are professionally involved in the field of online marketing benefit from this Digital Marketing Course. But social media managers who are responsible for online marketing or who work closely with the marketing department can also use this Digital Marketing Training to expand their skills. The Inspire Digital Marketing Course In Surat is also offered full-time with face-to-face Digital Marketing Course In Surat.


Customer orientation requires data, information and knowledge about customers. Digital champions collect, aggregate, analyze and interpret the behavior of their customers for their own success. Customers approach companies through digital and offline channels and expect a seamless experience across all channels. The digital products and services offered by companies such as website, app, shop, social media are basic equipment.From marketing management to digital marketing, selling, advertising and search engine optimization, inspire offers Digital Marketing Course In Surat on the subject of digital marketing. All subject areas have one objective: holistic and market-oriented corporate management. In our Digital Marketing training In Surat, you will receive valuable tips from technical experts that you can put into practice immediately.The fact that Digital Marketing Course In Surat is becoming increasingly important for companies falls far short of the mark.after all, the digital marketing strategy is intended to bind existing customers to the company and win new customers. However, in contrast to classic poster advertising or TV commercials, the customer is no longer just a consumer who, as a silent recipient, is confronted with various messages. Rather, a constant exchange of information is possible because users can get in touch with companies and provide feedback. It is therefore the task of digital marketing, wherever the target group interacts, to control opinions and opinions in terms of corporate goals. This is often done via blogs or social networks. Our Digital Marketing Course In Surat "Blogs and Influencer Marketing for companies" supports you in making the best possible use of the enormous potential of these important channels, optimizing your communication strategy and addressing your customers in a timely manner.


Digital marketing Training In Surat includes topics such as search engine optimization, search engine advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media, mobile advertising, mobile apps or mobile couponing. For marketing employees, this trend offers new career opportunities by evolving in this area. Appropriate training offers the ideal foundation for this.You acquire practical professional knowledge in all current areas of Digital Marketing Course In Surat and receive all the necessary tools for the development and implementation of online Digital Marketing plans. You immerse yourself in innovative and trendy areas such as visual story telling, web videos, mobile marketing, apps, gamification and blogging, deal with search engine marketing and learn to create content marketing strategies. In addition Digital Marketing Course In Surat, you will learn more about digital business models, develop your own marketing concept and create your own blog or website.You will then prove your acquired knowledge when presenting your practical project.


Digital Marketing Course In Surat review
Digital marketingAverage of 4.9 out of 5based on 3300 Votes.


In inspire digital marketing training in surat, we provide the training for interview and presentation skills free of cost by Facilitating and promoting the participation of each and every students in creating the impactful resume with hybrid skills by locating people and resources.Digital marketing training in surat also gives lifetime support from our side because we consider students as the valuable assets.


As inspire digital marketing class in surat deliver our lecture to each and every student personally so, will aid you the very next day with utmost care and attention. OR We may call you for the extra classes for your missed and incomplete task.


As in our digital marketing course in surat are having a friendly environment so you can solve your doubts at any time with the most qualified faculties of digital marketing in surat.


  • you will create Landigpages that can sell
  • you will do automated email marketing and gain new subscribers
  • you will be able to run profitable Google Adwords campaigns
  • You will learn about analysis and tracking methods to measure your success
  • you will learn how to generate leads with Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • you run search engine optimization and increase your Google ranking
  • you will learn many more tips and tricks in Digital Marketing


To join and start digital marketing courses, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the right digital marketing course in surat format: Inspire digital marketing course in surat are available in different formats like shorttern digital marketing course in surat, long term digital marketing training in surat.
  • Assess your current knowledge and skills: Evaluate your existing knowledge and skills in digital marketing training in surat to determine the appropriate level of course to start with
  • Enroll inspire digital marketing course in surat: This may involve completing an application form, and making the necessary payment.
  • Attend classes or access inspire digital marketing training in surat materials: Depending on the digital marketing course in surat format or participate in in-person sessions as per the digital marketing course in surat schedule
  • Practice hands-on: Digital marketing is a practical field, so it's essential to apply what you learn
  • Build a portfolio: As you gain practical experience, start building a portfolio of your work. This can include examples of digital marketing campaigns you have worked on, blog posts you have written, social media strategies you have implemented, or any other relevant projects


  • you will create Landigpages that can sell
  • you will do automated email marketing and gain new subscribers
  • you will be able to run profitable Google Adwords campaigns
  • Attend classes or access inspire digital marketing training in surat materials: Depending on the digital marketing course in surat format or participate in in-person sessions as per the digital marketing course in surat schedule
  • You will learn about analysis and tracking methods to measure your success
  • you will learn how to generate leads with Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • you run search engine optimization and increase your Google ranking
  • you will learn many more tips and tricks in Digital Marketing


it typically spans over a few weeks or months, with classes held on specific days and times.Considering the duration of the inspire digital marketing training in surat and the time required for self-study and practice, it may take around 2 to 4 months to complete the inspire digital marketing training in surat.

Basic Things In Digital Marketing marketing

  • you will learn how to find and find a profitable niche, a good idea
  • You create your own website with WordPress and get to know the important functions, various plugins and setting options
  • you will learn how to do automated email marketing (funnel building), send newsletters and find new subscribers
  • you create your own high-selling landing pages, you will learn what differences there are and which guidelines you have to meet
  • You learn about relevant factors for search engine optimization and can put them into practice
  • You have in-depth specialist knowledge and skills in order to survive as an expert in online marketing.
  • You know what to look for when designing, implementing and monitoring online marketing campaigns and how good content is used to increase the click rate.
  • You are familiar with the latest online trends and can take these into account in your planning or adapt your online activities accordingly.
  • you will learn how to track and analyze your success to improve your online business
  • You develop a holistic feel for the mode of operation and scope of digital marketing and deepen your knowledge
  • you will be able to create Facebook ads and Instagram marketing
  • you will learn in detail how to run Google Adwords campaigns and how to optimize them

This Digital Marketing Course is for:

  • for everyone who wants to set up their own online business
  • for everyone who already has an online business and wants to improve it
  • for anyone who wants to reach more customers through SEO, PPC and email marketing
  • for everyone who wants to build a passive income on the Internet
  • the course is not for people looking for a "get rich quick" method
  • for everyone who wants to reach people effectively via social media such as Facebook and Instagram


  1. Educational Qualification: Inspire digital marketing course in surat do not have strict educational requirements.
  2. Basic Computer Literacy: Digital marketing training in surat involve working with online platforms, tools, and technologies. Having basic computer literacy skills, including proficiency in using the internet, email, word processing software, and web browsers, is generally expected.
  3. Passion for Marketing and Digital Technologies: While not a strict eligibility requirement, a genuine interest and passion for marketing, advertising, and digital technologies are often advantageous


1.What is monthly salary as a Digital Marketing fresher gets?
Digital Marketing Manager average salary is RS 8,00,000 in India -candidate with 3-5 years range of experience,PPC Executive is R.S 2,60,000 in India -candidate with 12 Months range of experience. Search Engine Optimization Executive average salary is R.S 2,20,000 in India-candidate with 1 years range of experience.Social Media Fresher average salary is RS 1,50,000 in India.Content Marketing Fresher average salary is RS 2,00,000 in India.
2.What is the future Of Digital Marketing Expert?
You can make Your career as Digital Marketing Manager,Search Engine Optimization Mananger,PPC Marketer,Social Media Expert,Content Manager,Blogger,Developer so you can get job in Company
3.which Certificate Providing By Inspire Digital Marketing Institute In Surat?
We are providing Government Certificate,also We are Google Digital Unlocked Course Certification,AdWords Fundamentals Course Certification,Analytics Course Certification,Google My Business Course Certification.
4.What is the Duration Of Inspire Digital Marketing Course In Surat?
If you do it on weekdays basis the Digital Marketing course duration would be 3–4 months, If you doing it Weekend basis Digital Marketing course will take just double of it like 6–7 months with All Modules Cover.