• HVAC Introduction
• Human Comfort Condition & Application of HVAC Systems

• Basic Refrigeration Cycle & its functions
• Types of Compressors, Condensers, Expansion Valves, Evaporators
• Types & Properties of Refrigerants

• Classification of Air conditioning systems
• Air, Water Systems, Unitary Refrigerant Systems
• Window A/C systems, split A/C and concepts
• Package A/C, VRF/VRV Systems
• Chilled Water Systems, Central HVAC, District Cooling System

• Psychometric chart
• Air Properties, WBT, DPT, RH, SH, DBT
• HVAC Processes as per refrigerant

• Introduction to heat transfer
• Sources of Heat, Building Survey
• Heat Load Calculations, Formulaes
• U value of walls, roofs, glass etc
• Finding temperature difference for walls, roofs and glass
• Ventilation & infiltration concept
• Heat Load estimation ( Manual + E20)
• Tonnage, Air Flow(L/S) , thumb rules, HAP Software

• Selection based on Heat Load Results & equipment Schedules
• As per Application, Project Specs
• Selection of equipments and placing of ( FCU, AHU, FAHU, Blowers, EA)

• Concept of Air Distribution System, SMACNA Standard
• Ducting Rules, standards, Definition, aspect ratio, classification, types, Joints
• Duct sizing (Velocity Reduction Method, Equal Friction Method, Static Regain Method)
• Components, Fittings, Joints
• Selection of Grills , diffusers, registers
• Duct accessories
• Routing & level setting
• Single Line & double line representation as per SMACNA standards
• Selection of supports & span, ducting Schematics
• Thermal Insulations
• Static pressure calculations
• BKW of motor

• Concept of chilled Water / Hydronic System
• Classification of Piping systems as Per chillerso
• GPM calculations & Pipe Sizing
• Valves & Fittings used in Chilled Water System
• Pipe Routing & Level Setting
• Primary & Secondary Pump System
• Pump Head Calculations, Selection of Pump

• VRF / VRV Systems Technology
• Selection of Indoor & Outdoor Units
• Routing & Design by using Software
• IDU & ODU Unit

• Concept of Exhaust Air System & Implementation
• Toilet Exhaust System
• Kitchen Exhaust system
• Kitchen Hood Types & applications
• Hood Calculation
• Makeup Air Requirement & Fan Calculation
• Kitchen Exhaust Duct & Fresh Air
• Routing & Design Sample

• Fresh Air System ( Concepts & implementation)
• Mixed Air System- Fresh & Return
• 100% Fresh air FAHU
• Heat Recovery & HR air Handling Units
• Fresh Air Fan Selection

• Parking Exhaust Concept, Types
• Central Exhaust Ducting Concepts & Designs
• Parking Exhaust Layouts & Designs

• Staircase Pressurization System
• Concept of Lobby And Stairs
• Staircase Design with Blowers
• Duct Routing, system components

• E20 Heat Load Form
• HAP ( hourly Analysis Programme
• BETA Software- Air Outlets
• Mc Quay Duct Sizer
• Pipe Sizer
• Static Pressure Calculator
• Samsung VRF DVM Software
• Master Converter
• Auto-Cad Expert Level
• Single Line Drawing, Double Line Drawing & builder Work
• Shop Drawings – SAD, RAD, FAD, EAD, PED, CHSR
• Sectional View, Schematic Dwgs
• Chillers, Pumps, FCU, AHU ( Details Drawings)
• Scale Settings, Standards
• Plotting
• Co-ordination Drawings
• Work Flow Procedure
• TPM, TQM Rules
• Ducting Insulation, Leakage testing
• Sound Components, Duct Components
• Material Requirement, Estimation, Quantity Survey
• Leakage Testing’s Rules
• Duct Leakage Testing
• Pipe Leakage Testing
• Water Balancing
• Commissioning


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