1. Copy by value and copy by reference
2. Inheritance and polymorphism
3. Abstract Classes
4. Encapsulation
5. Interfaces
6. Exception Handling
7. Multi-threading

1. What is Android?
2. Android Architecture.
3. What environment will we be using?

1. Installing SDK and ADT plug-in
2. Showing other Android Tools
3. platform-tools folder.

1. Explain AndroidManifest.xml
2. Explain Android LifeCycle
3. Create Hello-World Android application
4. Explain all the folders in an android application
5. Running the application on Emulator
6. Running the application on Device

1. Create a TextView with a Send Button on its side
2. Use HierarchyViewer

1. Create a TextView with a Send Button on its side
2. Use HierarchyViewer



Do you have an app idea and want to develop your own Android application? Very good! Then it’s best to start right away.Android Course In Surat'll show you how to do it. In our Inspire Android Course In Surat complete package we take you by the hand and guide you through all difficult steps. At the end of the Inspire Android Training In Surat, you will program your first own Android apps and have gained deep insights into the development of mobile applications.Android is a platform for mobile phones that is attracting attention from both embedded and enterprise companies, and the number of development projects is increasing rapidly. Along with that, a lot of Android related books have also been published, but when actual development is started, there are many issues that can not be compensated by book knowledge alone.The main goal of the Android Course In Surat is to teach the basics of Android app development in a practical and understandable way. In order to achieve this goal, a dedicated Android app is programmed during the Android Training In Surat and the theoretical learning content is put into practice.


Since this Android Course In Surat is educational content created by an experienced Android development team to train new Android engineers, it is not just a knowledge-based education but technical elements that are considered essential in the actual development site. It consists mainly of the areas that are likely to be issues in development.In addition, since the active engineer experienced in Android development is in charge of the instructor, we can also answer questions about how to solve problems that occur in the field that are not described in the text.Developing Android applications requires an understanding of the application framework as well as the Java language. In this Android Course In Surat, Inspire Android Training In Surat will focus on the basic elements of application implementation, such as "Activity", "Service", "AppWidgets", and "Intent", which are particularly important to suppress, and are required for Android application development for smartphones The goal is to acquire skills.This Android Course In Surat consists of classroom lectures and hands-on training, and the Android Training In Surat is structured so that knowledge can be easily settled by practicing the learned knowledge on the spot.


Inspire Students get a chance to learn not only android basics course but also in depth skills which are used for building dynamic websites. Inspire android course in surat included of all of core content of android course and you can perfectly learn android course in surat.

Inspire android course in surat trainer providing you live training with android live project training in surat work and after completion of android course in surat you can submit android project in surat on inspire android institute in surat.


The large Inspire Android Course In Surat, Android Course In Surat will show you how to develop your own Android app step by step.the basic topics of Android app development are dealt with in detail and put into practice in an understandable manner.When creating our Android App, it is always our goal that the course participants do not just re-program the lessons, but also gain a deeper understanding of the Android Course In Surat covered with the help of the detailed explanations.Your entry into app development is guaranteed to succeed!


Inspire android class in Surat are based on practical and real live android training center in surat where students learn through work and getting to understand android lagaguges better watching their trainers and working with them. inspire android class in surat providing live project training on BCA live android training in surat ,MCA live android training in surat ,BSC IT live android training in surat ,MSC IT live android training in surat ,BE live android project training in surat , collages project in surat.


Do you want to program your own Android app? Then you are exactly right here. Developing your own Android applications offers enormous advantages, but getting started can feel daunting. For many beginners, the following questions:
Which development software should be used?
How should your own Android app be structured?
How can programming errors be localized and corrected safely?
How can the app be made compatible with older Android versions?
How is data loaded from the internet?
How is the data connected to the user interface?
How to save data persistently in Android?
Inspire Android Course In Surat answer all these questions for you! Practical and easy to understand.


In our large Android Apps Programming course you will learn:

How to install and set up Android Studio: In several lessons we show how to install and fully set up Android Studio. The integrated development tools, the so-called Android SDK Tools, are also presented in detail. With the help of the SDK Manager additional components are installed and outdated updated. In addition, the Android emulator accelerator Intel HAXM is installed manually and tested for functionality.Your main tool for Android app programming is the Java programming language, for which there are free, comfortable development environments. In this course you will learn how to work with the Java Development Kit (JDK), the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio. You will receive a well-explained and sensibly structured introduction to these three working environments from us. In a practice-oriented way, you will get to know various functions directly on the screen, try them out with simple exercises and thereby quickly show first results.Create and test Android apps

Android is an operating system and also a software platform. In the first step of the course, you become familiar with the special features of this platform, the great advantage of which is the publicly accessible source text. Independent developers can develop and publish applications for the Android market relatively quickly and easily. This is exactly what the next step of the course is about: You start by writing the first simple applications. Based on this, we show you how to start these programs in a test environment (emulation) on your computer. A safe way to check the functions of your apps and to fix any errors directly.

How to program a SQLite database app in Android: we will develop an Android app together and integrate a SQLite database into it. We will use the example of the developed app to convey how a SQLite database is integrated and used in Android.

What an SQLite database is and how it is used: In the course you will learn the most important components of an SQLite database app and how to use them safely in practice. In the course of the course you will learn how data records are written to the database, read from it, changed and also deleted.

How to use the Contextual Action Bar correctly: The Contextual Action Bar is a temporary Action Bar that is placed over the App Bar for a certain time. It is used when important actions are to be carried out on list elements. We show how the Contextual Action Bar is used to change and delete database entries.

How to change the contents of SQLite data records with dialogs: To change the database entries we will use an AlertDialog with several input fields. We show how such an AlertDialog is created, displayed and evaluated.

How to upgrade the SQLite database: We will upgrade the SQLite database and thereby change the previous data structure. We show you how to upgrade the SQLite database and what you have to pay special attention to.The Android Apps Programming online course is designed as an introductory course. It is aimed at programmers who are looking for an understandable and practical introduction to the development of Android apps.

XML for the app interfaceYou will learn the XML markup language for the efficient development of user interfaces. You can use it to implement your creative ideas and ideas for the layout of the surface design much more conveniently than with the Java programming language.Program analysis and control on Android

In the next step, you transfer your self-written app to the Android smartphone via USB and carry out initial tests in the target environment. You will become familiar with debugging (program analysis and control) to optimize the source code.

Databases on the flash memoryWith their flash memory, smartphones provide the basis for storing files. You will therefore learn about storage and reading techniques for files and small databases. In a programming project, you save with the open source product SQLite z. B. an address database.

geotagging:A GPS module for position determination is integrated in smartphones, which enables geodata processing, also called geotagging. An interesting topic that you will deal with intensively in the course. You are developing "GeoNotes", an app that displays information depending on your current location. To do this, integrate the Google Maps API controlled by JavaScript into your project. API means "Application Programming Interface", in English "programming interface for applications" and enables the integration of Google maps. At the end of the course, expand your GeoNotes app into a web application that exchanges data bidirectionally with a server. To do this, use Java servlets and the Tomcat web server. So your app can be used worldwide.

The subtleties are also discussed: You will learn how to create and add sounds, initialize the MediaPlayer in the Android training course, fast forward and rewind. Simple animations, such as showing views, are of course also part of this extensive course.

How the camera integrated in the smartphone and tablet can be used for the apps and how the app can use the camera and its data is also part of the training: The image data must be requested and used by the app. The sensors constantly report the location of the smartphone - these messages can also be used accordingly in an app.

This Android training also includes quality control: you will learn how to scan your app for any errors and how to debug them step by step. At the end there is your successfully developed own app. Last but not least, you will learn how to equip your program with in-app payment and publish it in the Google Play Store.

Training with public participantsWith apps, you can constantly expand the utility of your Android smartphone and tablet. This extensive training course will show you how to quickly program your own Android apps using Java.

How to run, monitor and find an Android app: We will teach you how to run and test your own Android app on virtual and physical Android devices. We also show how the behavior of the self-developed app is monitored using logging tools and how the Android Studio debugger is used effectively to find program errors and check internal states.


And above all ... How to develop a real Android app step by step: Inspire Android Institute In Surat show you in very detailed steps how to program your own Android app. Each module is dedicated to a specific area of ​​Android app development and is a learning unit in itself.This Android Institute In Surat Course is very extensive. Rather, with the help of the detailed explanations, a deeper understanding of the Android concepts covered should be obtained and independent programming should be encouraged.In this Android Class In Surat you will learn the skills to develop a complex and useful app for smartphones and tablets. You can also use what you have learned for other areas of application and are therefore well equipped for future opportunities that Android always offers. If you see a programming opportunity, you can create the appropriate Android app.The aim of the Android tutorial is to teach you how to develop an Android application that is a great experience for users and that you are well equipped for your own Android projects with the knowledge you have learned about Android programming.You can expand your Android knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of Android programming.What previous knowledge and requirements are required? The Android Institute In Surat Programming course is designed as an introductory course. It is aimed at programmers who are looking for an understandable and practical introduction to the development of Android applications. The Android Class In Surat requirements were kept as low as possible in order to enable beginners to participate in the program.It is also very helpful if you have an Android smartphone or tablet. However, this is not absolutely necessary, since the developed Android app can be tested and executed on both the Android device and the Android emulator.

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Trainers at inspire android class in surat are top experts in their field with enormous experience which they collected working on many android class in surat projects. Inspire android class in surat providing following project training

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Inspire android intitute is not only providing android training but also companies in Surat. Inspire android institute in Surat can working with many android companies in Surat.


  • 100% job assistance
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1. Who can join Android Course in surat?

10th pass student can join this Android course In Sutrat or who have good knowledge of computer or internet so they join inspire Android class in surat.

2. What is pre-requisite for Android course in surat?

If you have good knowledge of computer and internet so it is enough for Android course in surat.

3. I am an Arts student can I learn Android training in surat?

Yes, you are eligible for learn Android training in surat.

4. Will I get any support after completing the Android course in surat?

Yes, Inspire Android course in surat a leading Android institute in surat knows very well that even student after completing the course you will need support So You will get lifetime membership of our Android course where you will get regular updates about Android course in surat.

5. Will I get certificate after completing the Android class in surat?

Yes, after completing the Android course in surat, you will get Government approved certificate of Android class in surat and you can online verified.

6. After doing Android course in surat, what is the future?

A career in Android expert is in great demand, around the world. So, the career of Android is always bright and you can get good job as a Android.

7. What is monthly salary as a Android fresher gets?

The average monthly salary for a Android Fresher is INR 8,000/- per month.

8. Is there any placement assistance after learning Android course in surat from Inspire Android in surat?

Inspire Android institute in surat not only teach you, we encourage you to get on your feet and start off. You will work on Personal, Business & Corporate Websites. After competition of the Android course in surat, Inspire Android class in surat provides 100% placement assistance.

9. Can I pay the fees in installment?

Yes, at Inspire Android training in surat you can pay the fees in easy installments.

10. How can I make a solid career in Android?

You learn Android as well as any open source course like Android, Joomla Drupal, and Magento etc in our Android class in surat.

11. Who will teach me Android course in surat?

You will be getting training from who has been working on Android fields for last 6 years.

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