1.Flutter And Dart Fundamentals

  • Flutter Architecture
  • Flutter Setup
  • Dart Setup
  • Flutter First App
  • Run App On Device/Emulator/Simulator
  • Debug App On Device/Emulator/Simulator
  • Run App On Real Device
  • Debug App On Real Device

2.Dart Content

  • Dart Datatypes
  • Dart Operators
  • Decision Making With Dart
  • If Statments
  • Switch Cases
  • Loops In Dart
  • Functional Programming
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Classes And Object
  • Setters And Getters
  • Inheritance
  • Override And Overload
  • Abstract And Interface

3.Flutter Widgets

  • Stateful And Stateless Widgets
  • Basic Widgets
  • Material Widgets
  • Cupertino Widgets

4.Layouts And Lifecycle

  • Layouts In Flutter
  • Row Column
  • Stack
  • Position
  • Container
  • Expanded
  • Sized Box
  • Slivers
  • Scaffold Widgets
  • inkWell Widget And EventListener
  • Working With Bottom Navigator
  • Floating Action Button
  • Flutter Navigators And Routes

5.Animations And Media Files

  • Internationalization (I18N)
  • Animations
  • Working With Audio/Video Files

6.Gesture Detection And Touch Events

  • Gesture Detection Widgets
  • Working With Touch Listeners


  • Internal Storage
  • External Storage On Device
  • Restful WebServices
  • SQFLITE Database
  • Firebase Integration
  • Firebase Auth
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Ads Service

8.Asynchronous Flutter

  • API Calling
  • Working on Future and Stream
  • Handling Progress
  • Async and Await

9.State Management and Validation

  • State Uplifting
  • Provider Pattern
  • Forms and Validations

10.Hardware Call

  • Camera Access
  • GPS Access
  • Sensor Access
  • Mic Access
  • Speech To Text

11.Publishing App

  • Publish App On Play Store
  • Publish App On App Store


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1. Who can join flutter in surat?

10th pass student can join this flutter course or who have good knowledge of computer or internet so they join inspire flutter class in surat.

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If you have good knowledge of computer and internet so it is enough for flutter course in surat.

3. I am an Arts student can I learn flutter training in surat?

Yes, you are eligible for learn flutter training in surat.

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Yes, after completing the flutter course in surat, you will get Government approved certificate of flutter class in surat and you can online verified.

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A career in flutter designER expert is in great demand, around the world. So, the career of flutter designer is always bright and you can get good job as a flutter designer.

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The average monthly salary for a flutter Fresher is INR 10,000/- per month.

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Inspire flutter institute in surat not only teach you, we encourage you to get on your feet and start off. You will work on Personal, Business & Corporate Websites. After competition of the flutter course in surat, Inspire flutter class in surat provides 100% placement assistance.

9. Can I pay the fees in installment?

Yes, at Inspire flutter training in surat you can pay the fees in easy installments.

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You learn flutter as well as any open source course like WordPress, Joomla Drupal, and Magento etc in our flutter class in surat.

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You will be getting training from who has been working on flutter fields for last 6 years.

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